What we do

Our extensive range of services is backed by a diverse, multidisciplinary team of experts who harness their collective proficiency and experience to ensure success in every venture.

Mining Services

  • We optimize mine plans, schedules, and data management for efficient mining operations.
  • Our expertise in mine layout, infrastructure, and equipment rental ensures project success.
  • We provide software training and development to equip your team with cutting-edge skills.

Surveying Services

  • We offer accurate surveys for infrastructure, topography, and geological insights.
  • Our cadastral surveys ensure compliance with property boundaries and land rights.
  • We excel in survey data management, visualization, and training for future surveyors.
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Geospatial and Environmental Services

  • We collect precise geospatial data, assess environmental impacts, and manage GIS databases.
  • Our health and safety risk management expertise ensures workplace safety.
  • We handle responsible mine closure and restoration, safeguarding the environment.

As of 2020, elephants face a high risk of extinction in the wild.

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Exploration and Geological Services

  • We conduct comprehensive exploration, geological sampling, and analysis.
  • Our geological modeling and QA & QC maintain data quality for reliable resource estimates.
  • We excel in resource estimation and compliant reporting for mineral resources.

Our Mission:

At LeoneMin, our mission transcends extracting minerals; it’s about transforming Sierra Leone’s mineral resources into a beacon of prosperity and sustainable development. We envision a future where the riches beneath our land become a catalyst for positive change, uplifting lives and communities.

Our Vision:

LeoneMin’s vision is grounded in becoming a world-class mineral resource company, one that is resolutely committed to delivering long-term sustainable value to all our stakeholders. We strive to redefine industry standards by consistently prioritizing responsible mining practices, innovation, and stakeholder engagement.

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